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Damaged Hearts
Length: 414 pages

Owning adjoining ranches, the explosive Kaitlyn Carson and take-charge Rick Jamison are constantly at odds. Kat has been on her own with a younger sister almost all her life and she sure doesn’t need someone telling her what to do or how to do it. She’s never had kids or a relationship and isn’t looking for either one.

As a widower with two children, Rick needs a loving companion; the sooner the better. Being an excellent rancher and superb horsewoman makes Kat the best candidate for the job, he’s just not sure how to convince her. Buying up her best Angus cattle to use for breeding stock looked like a good idea at the time but then seemed to backfire on him.

Can two hard-headed people see the beauty of being together or was the damage done to their hearts too severe to contemplate a happily ever after? Check out Book One of the Damaged Hearts Series to find out.

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